Project Description


What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a safe and effective exfoliating procedure. A sterile scalpel is used to lift away dead skin cells and any soft vellous hair.
  • Suitable for most skin types
  • Vellus “peach fuzz” hair is temporarily removed
  • Active skin care ingredients penetrate more efficiently
  • Reveals healthy  fresh, smooth, youthful skin
  • Skin is left flawless
  • Watch how your make up glides on after this treatment
  • Relaxing, comfortable and pain-free
What can this treat ? 
Dry, dull, fine lines, open pores, pigmentation, uneven skin tone
Classic Dermaplaning Facial 
€95 1hr
This is a highly effective facial for treating concerns such as dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, open pores. A deep cleansing facial that increases hydration levels with the added benefit of reducing the soft vellous facial hair “peach fuzz”. This treatment will exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. Any products used will penetrate into the skin more efficiently. Instant results are achieved with no downtime. The skin will be glowing and smooth.
Advanced Dermaplaning Facial with Nanoneedling
€150 1hr 30
With the added benefit of Dermaplaning treatment as above, this treatment includes nanoneedling. This advanced facial treatments bring your skin to a new level. Nanoneedling improves microcirculation.  Allows for deeper penetration of products, evens skin texture and firms and shrinks pores. This powerful combination will deliver a flawless and smooth skin.
Dermaplaning Hydro Facial
€190  2hrs
An advanced red carpet treat facial that combines Casmara professional products and dermaplaning. As a combined treatment this will leave your skin looking exfoliated and radiant . This treatment will exfoliate and rejuvenate the face with little or no downtime. Any products used directly after Dermaplaning will penetrate into the skin more efficiently. As the skin has been cleaned of dead skin cells on the surface of the face, the skin will feel fresh, look plumper and make up will glide onto your skin.

For all of our skin treatments we can have a consultation with you and can create a tailored package to best suit your skin concerns.