Project Description

CASMARA Advanced Power Peel

Casmara has created a range of expert Derma Peels, a comprehensive range of superficial and medium depth chemical peels.

Casmara peels are a combination of acids that when applied to the skin, spark an exfoliation of the top, middle and deepest layers of the skin.
A peel encourages the renewal of the skins layers, causing faster cell exchange and stimulating the dermis to produce new structural fibers and components in the extracellular matrix. The peels action causes the skin to regenerate and renew significantly improving the skins elasticity and firmness.

The treatment takes 1hr 15 minutes and costs €125.

CASMARA Eye Perfection

Restore the power of your gaze!

🌟NEW TREATMENT🌟 Are your eyes tired? puffy? Do you suffer from dark circles? Are you concerned about fine lines or wrinkles around the eye area?. Then this treatment is for you!  Not only is it result driven, but it’s also so relaxing.

The Eye Perfection treatment is the latest treatment from CASMARA. It is the first treatment to specifically target the sensitive eye area. It starts with heated massage goggles which perform a pressure point massage around the eyes and temples.

A botanical peel is then applied, followed by a decongesting serum and massage which reduces dark circles and puffiness. A cooling cucumber mask is applied and is then followed by an anti ageing massage.

A new CASMARA platinum peel off mask is then applied. This mask is the first mask to comprise carboxytherapy which refines lines, reduces puffiness and congestion that causes black circles.

The treatment takes 60 minutes and costs €70.


For all of our skin treatments we can have a consultation with you and can create a tailored package to best suit your skin concerns.